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by Stacy Regennitter on Oct 4, 2018 9:15:00 AM

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Legacy Story | Dan and Josh Reagan

DanandJosh“I didn’t know exactly what my dad did, but I was intrigued about it. I knew that he was out in our community working to help families and business owners make good financial decisions.”


Dan and Josh Reagan shared their NAIFA legacy story with me, and I was struck by how Josh saw the financial industry as a young person. His father, Dan, began in the business in 1987 when he moved to Burlington, Vermont and started working with the National Life General Agency. He enjoyed the work and the support he received from his company and was encouraged early on to sign up for what is now NAIFA, the professional association representing his industry. Dan was awarded the M. Baxter Cummings Rookie of the Year award in 1988 and has not looked back. He 

strongly believes that when you commit to your career, you have a greater chance of survival. NAIFA provided him with the opportunity to connect 

with other successful people and see the vision of how he could be successful in his career.

Josh never felt any pressure to enter the industry from his dad. He wanted to be an entrepreneur and spent eight months in China making a way for himself. He was able to create opportunities for himself there and succeed. His time overseas gave him confidence to do whatever he put his mind to back in Burlington. He began as an intern in his dad’s agency during his last semester at UVM and went on to earn his Series 7, Series 66 and Life Licenses. It was a natural step for him and his dad to begin working together to grow the business. They both feel the trust between them has been key to moving their business forward. Dan is energized by Josh’s enthusiasm, and together, they have adjusted their business to meet the changing needs of their clients and new regulations in the industry.

NAIFA was a natural step for Josh and it gave him the opportunity to be involved in something bigger than himself. As a small boutique firm, Dan and Josh feel their need for support and camaraderie is met by NAIFA. Josh mentioned that a barrier to being successful in the business is surviving your first couple years. The hard work and dedication to put your skin in the game over and over is not for everyone, but it was for Josh. In 2017, Josh was honored to receive the same award his dad received 29 years before, now named the Vermont New Advisor of the Year Award. Dan and Josh impressed me with their respect for each other and passion for their business. We are proud to be the professional association that has protected their industry and met their needs for support throughout the years. Thanks Dan and Josh for being #NAIFAproud.

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