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by Valerie Solorzano on Dec 31, 2018 1:03:16 PM

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The Struggle Is Real- Never Quit When Times Get Tough

VickiVicki Bishop was recruited into the industry in 1999 by a State Farm agent to work for him.  She quickly became a multiline agent and stayed with him for a little over a year before transitioning to American Family. 

As she gained numerous new clients in multiline, she also became a Registered Rep.  Then in 2005 her heart’s desire and divine intervention opened the doors at Country Insurance. Vicki’s faith and trust in God had proven true.  As proof, her success was immediate and to this day, she has been the recipient of several top producer awards.


“God has carried me every step of the way.  I am truly blessed” – Vicki Bishop


 Vicki and husband

In September she turned the page on her calendar and again, sought God’s peace in prayer.  She specifically prayed for happy thoughts.  It had been four months since Vicki’s husband abruptly and unexpectedly passed away.  He was her best friend, her companion in all things and when he retired from his career, he came to work with Vicki.  They spent all their time together.  To Vicki however, September marked a decisive moment to begin living her life without her husband.  It was time to be proactive and move positively towards the future they both dreamed of for their son Edwin and because they planned accordingly, Paul’s life insurance policy allowed for their dreams to come to completion.  When Edwin asked if college would still be a possibility for him, Vicki’s answer was an unequivocal YES.


 Vicki Presidents PlaqueSeptember also gave her an opportunity to join her NAIFA colleagues at the Performance + Purpose NAIFA Conference in San Antonio. A time to be happy because these events always remind her of comradery, friendships, and life-long supporting bonds with her NAIFA family.  However, this year, her husband would not be joining her but in his stead, her dear LILI (Leadership in Life Institute) friend Rodrigo (Bobby) Menendez would make sure she was not alone.  As much as she had the support and love of her NAIFA family, the three days spent in San Antonio were a constant reminder of her reality.  Through the words and content coming from the speakers on stage and the workshops during the breakout sessions, she was surrounded by stories of life’s reality- death.  She realized that this hick-up and disturbing communications were exactly what she needed. Hearing the tough messages and devastating stories of others reminded her that she is not alone but it was also an affirmation that she planned adequately instead of failing to plan. After attending the NAIFA conference Vicki was inspired and has been speaking at events with Country Financial and NAIFA on Never Give Up that is a message that she is passionate about that when times get tough in your life don’t be negative change your attitude make a plan stick with it and achieve what your heart desires rather it is in your personal life or your business.


Making it to the top of the insurance and financial services industry coming from a background in managing the family retail department store, is exactly where Vicki believes God wants her to be.  She has a spirit of servitude and her own life experience has reignited her passion to make sure that others plan for the unexpected. 


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Valerie Frank-Solorzano

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