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by Valerie Solorzano on Jul 11, 2018 2:17:39 PM

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Why We Stay the Course- My Grandmother Client


Julia Kee and Garrett Dickerson Picture


Garrett Dickerson, Fraternal Insurance Counselor, dedicated Thrivent Financial Associate (Series 6, 7, 66), and Life and Health Agent, started his career in the industry three years ago. After graduating from Lipscomb University in 2008, with a degree in Marketing and Graphic Arts, he went to work for a residential construction company in building product sales. Although Garrett enjoyed his job the passion wasn’t there. He felt driven toward other interests but didn’t exactly know what “they” were.

When he received a call from his high school Chemistry teacher turned Principal to create and teach the graphic design curriculum, he took the opportunity to explore using talents he didn’t realize he had. During his years of teaching he had the opportunity to reach students in the areas of Beginning Business, Personal Finance, Beginning Computers, and Guitar for Songwriters. Through his teaching, Garrett demonstrated a love for acquiring information and teaching others. It was at this time that he started to uncover some of the deeper interests he was searching for, and it turned out to be reaching people through the skills of communicating, educating, and creating!

At this point, Garrett got the opportunity to join a startup on-site healthcare company in the health and wellness industry as its Director of Health Center Support Services. Here he discovered the rising need for wellness in many areas of the lives of employees, and in a short 3 years he was an active part of helping double the company’s annual revenue and geographic footprint to 60 million and 30 states.

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His experience in teaching and health and wellness were pivotal moments in Garrett’s life when he realized that more needed to be done to make all generations aware of the importance of managing their personal finances. He felt driven to teach financial literacy to individuals and families in every stage of life, regardless of net worth or annual income, so they can all have a plan in place where they would not outlive their financial resources, be at peace with their finances, and be able live out a spirit of generosity. He had seen too often that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. He decided to get his life, health, and securities licenses and joined Thrivent.

Garrett describes himself as an advocate for those he serves. A true steward of the insurance and financial services industry. He has always been interested in the policy area of his chosen industry, and always strives to go above and beyond a level of service to his clients, exceeding even their expectations.

Pic NAIFA 2_Garrett_Dickerson

Garrett’s initial interest in becoming a NAIFA member stemmed from seeing the strong advocacy that NAIFA provides to members of the industry, and thereby the clients we all serve. But, as a NAIFA member he was driven by the opportunity to learn more through continuing education, networking, and the valuable seminars, webinars and skill-building courses NAIFA offers its members to empower them to better serve their clients.

Garrett’s niche is rooted in his passion to help individuals, families, businesses, church families, and non-profits steward all they have been given. Through this, he believes in tirelessly matching products for given needs, so his team has licensed and certified experts in all financial fields for their clients. In fact, one of these clients was his grandmother.

During the first few months of his career at Thrivent, he reached out to his friends and family to assist them in their financial needs. Does this sound familiar? As with many in the industry, he received questions like, “How do you feel about doing business with family?” Well, he prevailed with his grandmother to avail herself of his long-term financial planning advice. Later, in a private conversation a month before she passed away, she asked Garrett if everything was in good financial order. With a heavy heart, he confidently assured her through their time and conversations that ALL was in order. She then shared with him that when he first approached her she was simply humoring her grandson. However, during their conversations she soon realized that she did not have her financial house in order and felt blessed to have had him as a trusted resource to guide her and give her peace of mind.

Garrett’s grandmother realized through his advice and financial management efforts that her “plan” was lacking for long-term security. Garrett truly came through and she was happy to commend him for being a faithful grandson, and at the same time being the professional she truly needed. Garrett feels humbled, honored, and blessed to have had the opportunity to serve his grandmother in a professional capacity in the final year of her life.Pic Family_GarrettDickerson

Because Garrett trusted his skills and convinced family and friends to be among his first clients, his opportunities and clients’ confidence in him continues to build. Garrett has stayed the course because he believes in his industry, and in what it offers. As a NAIFA member and professional, he trusts his knowledge of financial services products, and puts his clients first.


We are in this business to serve others. We stay in this industry because what we do matters.

I want to share your story of staying the course. Connect with me and let me share it with others.  vsolorzano@naifa.org  or call 703-972-2756

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